Working environment

ESTA Group aims to create safe working environment for its employees and assists in every possible way in developing their professional skills.

To achieve its ambitious goals in business development,  ESTA Group has to give special priority to attracting and retaining highly-qualified personnel, as well as training and the development of the employees on every level of the production and management structure. The implementation of the Group’s effective social and labor relations policy is of the utmost importance. Employees are the Group’s major stakeholders and the keystone for CSR. Therefore, building an efficient employment policy is a priority objective for ESTA Group.


For us, being a socially responsible employer means:

  • to provide decent working conditions including salary levels. ESTA Holding pays salaries to all its employees in full compliance with the laws of Ukraine;
  • introduce state-of-the-art approaches to work for organization and develop the corporate culture;
  • meet the highest standards of health and safety;
  • ensure equal opportunities for all employees including an appreciation of their contribution to the business;
  • invest into human resources, provide personnel training and development opportunities;
  • ensure conditions for every employee to reveal their full potential.


Human Rights and Workplace Behaviour

The Group believes that observation of human rights is obligatory and supports the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The Group’s remuneration system is aimed at ensuring business effectiveness, attracting, motivating and retaining the best specialists at all levels. Performance management is the basis for competitive remuneration to the Group’s employees.

Training and development in the Group is a system of continuous professional development of employees at all levels integrated under the common concept within the Company's strategy and ideology.

Health and Safety

The Group is fully aware of its responsibility for the protection of life and health of the employees and regards its activity in the health and industrial safety as an integral part of a successful business and an essential condition for achieving its strategic goals. In its day-to-day business, the Group is committed to reducing the rate of industrial accidents and occupational morbidity, as well as regular upgrading workplaces to improve safety and working environment.

Employee-Related Social Policy

Being a socially responsible employer, the Group complies with the labor legislation by providing state social guarantees to its employees. The Group respects the rights of its employees for the creation of professional unions and other associations representing their interests. Corporate social support means the Group's voluntary contribution to ensure the high level of employees' motivation, and health protection as well as to create favorable social and working conditions in the company. Altogether it forms a new corporate culture and contributes to the employees' loyal attitude to the Group.

Relations with Trade Unions 

The Group maintains open and honest cooperation with trade unions and other bodies collectively selected by the Group’s employees to represent their interests in the compliance with the legislation. The Group expects the similar attitude to the Group from trade unions and other bodies representing the interests of its employees.


One of the fundamental principles of ESTA Group’s policy in the area of working conditions is compliance with the existing labor legislation and observance of human rights. The Group’s companies take actual care of physically disabled people through creating jobs for them and helping them adapt to the society.