Taking care of environment and reducing negative influence of urban surroundings upon nature by implementing environmental standards into design and construction is one more principle applied by ESTA Group.

As a socially responsible business, ESTA Holding believes that business growth and development must be sustainable both economically and environmentally. Taking care of the environment and reducing the impact that business has on it are the most important aspects of ESTA Holding's actions as a responsible corporate citizen.


For us, being an environmentally responsible company means:

  • to work towards the reduction of the eco footprint left by the construction and maintenance cycles of ESTA Group's assets;
  • invest in environmentally friendly technologies;
  • work to improve the environmental performance of our business;
  • strive to use natural resources more efficiently.


ESTA Holding regards environmental sustainability as an integral part of business operations and implements the developed and approved policy with the following core principles:

  • Complying with and where possible exceed all legal standards on environment protection. Supporting law-making initiatives to encourage investment in the environment. Supporting implementation of international environmental standards in Ukraine;
  • Assessing, monitoring and managing possible risks to the environment and communities of our business cycles;
  • Reducing or preventing the risk of pollution through application of the latest technologies and processes to protect the environment;
  • Constantly striving to cut energy consumption and introduce energy saving technologies in all areas of our operations;
  • Constantly striving to apply efficient and environmentally friendly technologies when investing in new projects;
  • Working with NGOs, government and local communities to address their environmental concerns and take their views into account in our policy and decision making;
  • Looking to protect the ecology and biodiversity in the areas where we operate and encourage our employees to do likewise. Disclosing environmental performance of the group.

Through the environmental policy principles listed above, we continually seek to improve ESTA Group’s environmental performance and to set a good example and become the clear leader in Ukraine in this area.


ESTA Holding regularly studies the opportunities to use energy saving resources at its sites. Such programs are used in Leonardo business center and taken into account for construction of the new facilities like Pushkinskiy business center.

 The managing company ESTA Property Management uses environmentally friendly materials in maintaining facilities on the regular basis. The Group's hotels are determined to cut down the use of chemical substances and their impact on the environment to the maximum possible extent.