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Investment Analyst of ESTA Holding Katerina Berezinets answered the question of the «ABCnews» information and analytical portal


– Investing in what real estate segment will dominate in 2016?

Taking into account the current situation in the economy and in the country as a whole, many market players will behave in the most balanced way. Investors will not leave the market, and will continue to monitor proposals pending the adequate price. As for the major transactions, we suppose there will be a low investment... [ Read More ]

Construction Director of ESTA Holding Sergey Danilyuk answers the question of ABCnews Information Analysis Portal


— Does a city need modern architecture facilities in the historic centre?

— A city is a living organism that needs continuous evolvement and improvement backed by the development of new technologies and styles in architecture. At the same time, historical and architectural monuments of a city should be always taken care of in order to preserve their original appearance.

In my... [ Read More ]

Yekaterina Berezinets, the Investment analyst for ESTA Holding, answeres the questions of ""


- What is the most efficient way to attract a tenant to a Business Center?

- The most widely-spread and easy way to attract a tenant to a Business Center is the offer of the most beneficial quality-to-price ratio of leasing the premises.

Also the choice of the potential tenant is affected with positive goodwill both the owner and the building itself as well as the company... [ Read More ]