ESTA Evolution

One of the key development factors of real estate market in Ukraine is the competence of experts who work in this field, these are architects, engineers, and builders. Thus, ESTA Holding makes efforts to invest in development of talented and prospective students and young professionals.

We launched Esta Evolution ‑ a support program for the students who are educated in the field of architecture and construction. The key lines of the program implementation are scholarships, support for holding themed workshops and conferences, arrangement of master classes and lectures of well-known speakers, organizing special training for the most talented graduates, etc.

The company has already held some open events for young architects within the frames of the program:

  • grants contest for the best idea for artistic installation in the TSUM atrium;
  • grants contest for “Architectural concept of cultural area in Andriyivsky Uzviz”;

and also supported DAS Fest, the festival of young architects.

ESTA Group also implements special programs of cooperation with leading high schools and, thus, within the frames of these programs the best students do their training courses in the companies of the Group.