Our strategic goals

We build our work so that our projects and programmes are open to all stakeholders, implemented in partnership with them and bring significant benefits to people. It applies to both projects focused on improving business efficiency and initiatives geared towards the sustainable development of society.

SCM Group has established the following Strategic Sustainability Goals:

  • Our companies meet the highest international standards of business ethics.
  • We take every effort to bring safety incidents at our companies down to zero.
  • Our companies have systems in place to protect the health and safety of the employees and extend their employment longevity.
  • Our companies are the most attractive employers in their industries and in the regions where they operate. They provide good working conditions and competitive salaries.
  • SCM Group makes a strong contribution to improving the quality of education offered to the students of Ukraine’s universities and vocational schools and ensuring it meets the needs of the economy.
  • Our companies create good living conditions in the regions where they operate.
  • Our industrial businesses meet EU air emission standards.
  • Our industrial businesses apply the best global practices in terms of the quality of discharged waste water and waste management.
  • Our industrial businesses meet the best global practices on the efficient use of fuel and energy.