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How not to Become a Crum or 5 Tips for $50 Mln

Anton Glivinskiy 25.12.2015

Do you often talk to taxi drivers? I do, with an envious regularity. It just seems to me that taxi drivers can provide you with the best material for the information field analysis. Yes, exactly, no sociological agency can give you such a high-quality level of public opinion than several office-home taxi rides. All the trends, news, gossips, and rumours, everything what neither newspapers nor... [ Read More ]

Why Are Promises Like Piecrust, Made to be Broken or When Will They Actually Restrain Traffic on Andreyevskiy Descent?

Anton Glivinskiy 25.12.2015

In May 2012 ESTA Holding promised to participate in building the pedestrian infrastructure of the Andreyevskiy Descent. The promise included the rehabilitation of the stairs leading to the Zamkova Mountain, creating the tourist navigation system on the Andreyevskiy Descent and installation of traffic restriction items – bollards, in order to remove once and for all this huge number of cars the... [ Read More ]